Where do your donations go?

The London Makhnovists are raising funds to support victims of war in UK via comrades working on the ground in Ukraine.

More than three months after the massive invasion of Russia into Ukraine, the war seems unlikely to end soon. Thousands of people had to leave their homeland for the sake of their lives, and tens of thousands have died fighting to protect their country. People still resisting in Ukraine desperately need supplies, clothes, food and shelter.

Last month we fundraised enough money to send three volunteers and a van full of supplies to Ukraine. In only ten days, they built three kitchens and three showers, installed three washing mashings and helped hundreds of victims of war with shelter, food and live entertainment by two professional clowns.

In the first week of June, the same volunteers have gone back to Ukraine, they are now in Mukachevo organising a new refugees/orphans centre. To complete this mission we need your help!!! Every penny donated to this fundraiser will be sent to Ukraine to help build kitchens, toilets and leisure places and get food and clothes for the victims of this horrible war. We have two vans available to be sent to Ukraine, we just need to fill them up!!!

Be part of changing the lives of these people by donating now!

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